Effective Sales Presentation of Life Insurance Products

Duration: 01 day

  • The principles improve the ability to present convincingly

→ The power of Language & Non-verbal elements in convincing presentation

→ The formula presents the solution based on the needs of the customer

→ 4-step process to present benefit illustration board

→ Rule 5C in convincing presentation (Complete, Clear, Correct, Concise, Courteous)

→ Principle of creating a 2-way interaction

→ Principle of using support tools

  • Distinguish between product characteristics and product benefits
  • Presentation formula highlights product benefits associated with customer needs
  • The importance of graphic counseling skills and diagrams illustrations

→ 3 factors that help achieve all goals in life: Love, responsibility and finance

→ The basic meaning of life insurance = Two types of savings and Dream House Image

→ Analysis of life insurance needs according to 3 financial levels of customers.

Practice and plan your application