Sales Training and Coaching Skill for Agency Leaders

Duration: 01 day

  • The role of the business team manager
  • Principle 10-20-70
  • 3 stages of rookie advisors’ development
  • Conduct your first meeting with the new consultant to set specific goals and action plans.
  1. The method of determining sales goals based on financial need
  2. 5-steps process for initiating the first meeting
  3. Practice meeting with the “minutes of the first meeting” tool with the commitment of the consultant and the manager.
  • Training sales team

  1. The core elements of effective trainer
  2. The training plan for the first 30 days
  3. Training model of PESOS skills

→ Practice: Instructing counselors to present the meaning of life insurance in pictures

→ Practice: Instructing counselors on how to handle customer denials

4. Practical Training – Joint Field Work (JFW)

          → Steps to prepare before the consultation

          → Points to note during consultation and accompanying tools

          → Feedback after consultation

          → Practice the situation with tools and forms 

5. Practice: Role-play and Joint Field Work

  • Coaching rookie financial advisors

  • Why coaching?
  • What activities need coaching?
  • Plan to coach a new counselor for the first 30 days
  • Steps to Take Before-In-After Meeting
  • Process of meeting 3i: Inform-Instruct-Inspire, and practice according to suggested scenario

Practice and plan your application