Sales Planning and Supervising Skills for Agency Leaders

Duration: 01 day

  • Identify the importance and benefits of planning to know which activities need to be focused on during the week / month / quarter to achieve the set goals.
  • 4-steps planning method D.O.M.E

Step 1: Diagnosis – Analyze the situation of the Committee /Group

→ Analyzing the current situation of your recruitment, how many groups are there? characteristics of each group

→ Analyzing the current status of the group committee’s activities


Step 2: Objectives – Set goals

→ Set SMART goals for the Board / Team

→ Split goals by Year / Quarter / Month / Week / Day

→ List the activities to be performed


Step 3: Method of implementation

→ 4 leverage to increase group sales

→ Select a solution to accomplish the goal

→ Solutions to increase recruitment

→ Solution to increase the number of active consultants


Step 4: Evaluation

  • Supervising Sales Activities

  • What is supervision?
  • Why must Agency leaders supervise their sales team?
  • Supervising activities or tracking results

  • When to supervise

  • How to supervise?

  • GROW model for operational monitoring and effective meeting.

• Goal: Counselor’s goal

• Reality: Reality

• Options: Solution

• Will: Commit

  • PEP meeting process: Performance Evalution & Planning
  • Analyze unsatisfactory activities and practice according to suggested scenarios.

Practice and plan your application