Personal Branding in Digital Age

Duration: 01 day

  • Overview of the digital age 4.0:
  1. Market potential
  2. Customer psychology and behavior
  3. The role of Social Networks
  • Shaping your brand on Social Networks
  1. Determine core values
  2. Understand the customer
  3. Choose the right way of communication
  • 5 steps to building a communication plan to build an identity on social networks
  1. SMART goals
  2. Identify the target audience
  3. Develop a content and image plan
  4. Select a communication channel
  5. Measure efficiency
  • Methods of writing articles on social networks
  1. 3 important principles
  2. Two effective formulas for writing content: AIDA and APSA
  3. 5 topics to communicate with target customers

Practice and plan your application