Need-based Selling and Secrets of Increasing Case Size

Duration: 01 day

  • The importance of demand-arousing skills:
  1. Help Counselors know how to start an insurance story while sitting with a client.
  2. Help customers realize why and how much to buy is suitable for their family.
  • Define the FAB of the product clearly: Feature (characteristics) – Advantage (superiority) – Benefit (benefit)
  • Method: 5 golden questions:
  1. What
  2. Why
  3. Tell me more
  4. How
  5. When
  • A demand-stimulating 5-step process:
  1. Status
  2. Goals, dreams
  3. Own plan
  4. Barriers
  5. Consequences
  • Suggest scenarios and practice that spark needs: Protection, Education, and Retirement.
  • Methods of analyzing the needs and financial ability of customers: Sell right & Sell enough.
  • Method of increasing the contract size with TVM-Time Value of Money tool, a method of calculating the future value of money.

Practice and plan your application