Motivating Skills and Building Effectiveness Culture

Duration: 01 day

  • What is motivation? Why do we need motivation?
  • Rediscover Motivation: Factors that motivate #Millennials team
  • Find out MASLOW’s pyramid model of needs and practical application
  • Encourage the team to work actively both physically and mentally.
  1. Formula of motivation 3C
  2. 5 effective motivating methods
  3. 7 motivational questions per day
  • Image of a successful team leader & leadership principles influences:
  1. Team leader is the person who inspires and sets the example
  2. Team leader is the person who cohesion and helps the team realize their goals
  3. The team leader understands the staff for appropriate motivations
  • Optimize team productivity and commitment:
  1. 6 strategies to promote business efficiency
  2. Effective Leadership Model #DART (Direction-Appreciation-Respect-Tools)
  3. The life wheel, the leader wheel, and the job wheel
  4. 6C training model, increasing team commitment
  5. 7 motivational questions every day

Practice and plan your application