Joseph Nguyen Academy is a separate online learning platform that belongs to the educational ecosystem of Nhanedu. Taking the name of the founder and operator is Mr. Joseph Nguyen with the aim of bringing real value. Applying their own knowledge, talent and academic path to devote and share with everyone.


Joseph Nguyen Academy is appropriate for:

* New consultant in the profession of financial consulting, life insurance

– You want to become a professional consultant. You feel the job is full of difficulties. Don’t know how to reach customers. Frequently rejected by customers. Frustrated and wanted to give up …


* Managers and team leaders who are responsible for leading their own team.

– You worry about recruiting and how to improve team morale. You are concerned about the recruitment of personnel. You need to improve your leadership skills and solutions to best operate your team …

No matter who you are? Whether you are just learning to do business or have long-term experience, you can still learn.


What does JosephNguyen.Academy bring to you?

– Joseph Nguyen Academy leads in training development in the field of finance, life insurance in Vietnam

– Joseph Nguyen Academy towards the quality of teaching and intensive training for each student.

– Joseph Nguyen Academy committed to the cheapest tuition fees today. With only 99,000 VND students can use the package extremely attractive.