Handling Objections and Closing Sales

Duration: 01 day

  • Closing the contract with the APAC model: Acknowledge – Probe – Answer – Close (Suggest to close the contract)
  • 3 most popular and effective contract closing techniques
  1. Hot highlight
  2. Advantages – Disadvantages
  3. Choose 1 of 2
  • The method of dissolving the 10 most common denials:
  1. I don’t have money to pay Life Insurance fee?
  2. Is the Life Insurance period too long?
  3. I will consult with my spouse (My spouse is not agreeing to participate in Life Insurance)
  4. I don’t need Life Insurance? (I’m very rich, don’t need Iife Insurance?)
  5. Participating in life insurance, only receive money when I am die?
  6. I am single / young, do not need to buy Life Insurance?
  7. Wait for me to pay off my bank loans first, then I will buy Life insurance!
  8. Currency devaluation? (Inflationary)
  9. I don’t like Life Insurance?
  10. Life insurance is a scam? My relatives have lost money in an unfair way.
  • Elective counseling approach to minimize rejection

Practice and plan your application