Mobile App Development

We offer software development and testing services from concept to implementation. Our solutions require a good understanding and preliminary analysis of business processes by a qualified team of analytics, system architects, developers and QA engineers. We provide assistance with scoping and technical specification development, offering technical and business insight gained from our previous projects, design and develop apps and integrate them with existing systems, services and social networks and maintain, support and upgrade apps to meet requirement changes.

Mobile Application Development


We have extensive expertise in custom mobile app development using latest technologies for IOS and Android platforms. We focus on how the solution will fit and benefit your business. Our solutions on all the major smartphone and tablet platforms help our clients achieve a faster time to market with the competitive cost.

We provide end to end services for both consumer and enterprise mobile apps. Apart from designing and developing the solution we also help the client in maintaining the app. We offer mobile app development service for the following: Entertainment and games, Business and commerce apps, and Education apps.

IOS Application development


Our IOS application developers and designers provide clients with a wide range of premium-quality Iphone/ Ipad apps



  • JSON
  • XML
  • SQLite
  • OpenGL
  • Flurry IOS Analytics
  • PhoneGap
  • SenchaTouch

Android Application development


  • XML
  • SQLite
  • OpenGL
  • J2EE
  • PhoneGap
  • SenchaTouch

Our experienced and skillful developers can make the best use of Android SDK for developing cutting edge Android apps. We use latest development technologies, Java and Android framework for creation of custom apps for Android phones and tablets.


Development process


We value process of our clients as the most convenient way for a win-win long-term partnership. We tune our process for every case depending on client, location, and Workflow. Basically, we follow Agile Scrum practice. Our clients can always stay in touch the Agile-Based work style.

Requirement and planning


Requirement and planning phase

The primary goal for the requirement and planning phase is to establish a project proposal, in closing collaboration with the customer, gain contractual agreement, have stakeholders buy-in and make business ready for project kick-off.

Development iteration phase

The primary goal for the Development Iteration phase is to produce quality product releases. Each iteration will take 2 to 4 weeks and enable scrum team performing continuous integration to release a product increment and make business ready for project kick-off.

Deployment phase

The purpose of the deployment phase is to ensure that the product goals have been satisfactorily achieved. The final product has been accepted and the business has been rolled out.

Outsourcing model

If you have a project that is short, has well defined scope and all requirements are clear, than our fixed cost software outsourcing model is best suitable. We guarantee on time delivery of software as per requirements and cost, which were predefined. As per your requirements, we would appoint a team that would be best able to meet your expectations.

The key things of fixed price model are:

  • Fixed price based on project requirements
  • Deliveries are measured on project’s objectives